get your moustache on.


Oh, I want this moustache necklace. Instant moustache!

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  1. The music teacher’s mustache was bristled. Some of the clarinets thought it was fake. The music teacher wore a striped shirt. A tuba was wearing a striped shirt as well. No one noticed the tuba’s striped shirt. He sat in the back. There was only one tuba. The music teacher after class walked up to the tuba and said, “Please do not wear striped shirts anymore.” The tuba did not know what to say. The music teacher took off their glasses and cleaned them. Yes, he had glasses and a mustache. I should have mentioned this earlier. The tuba still did not know what to say. The silence was intimidating. The music teacher walked off and got in their car, checked their mustache in the rearview mirror, and drove off.