waving from the swiss alps


Yay, I am blogging from Switzerland. Having lived in New York for nearly 10 years now has turned me into the biggest tourist when in Switzerland. Having G at my side, pointing out things that make him look, helps to experience Switzerland with the eyes of a non-swiss.

Here are a few thoughts on Zurich: G and I are amazed at the overall high standard of swiss living. Everything seems in tip-top-shape. Apartments are spacious and impressively well maintained. Getting around with trams is a truly pleasant experience. (Really!) Don’t get me wrong, I fully embrace the NYC subway but nothing beats a clean, non-crowded, non-smelly tram to fully explore and enjoy a city.

Seeing the amazing Letten RIVER Bath almost pushed us over the edge. Not only is this public ‘pool’ right in the center of Zurich, it’s clean, well maintained and free! The small kids pool, right next to the Limmat river had Ella nearly hyperventilate. Who can resist a giant mushroom emitting water?


G and I kept looking at each other in complete disbelief, that this oasis could be in 2 minute walking distance from our friends apartment smack middle in Zurich. We are no longer surprised Zurich keeps winning the “Most Livable City” title.

After having spent the first 3 days of our trip in Zurich we now are enjoying country side bliss in an area called Appenzellerland. We can’t wait to be woken up by cowbell sounds tomorrow morning. Oh, and I can’t wait to read the product copy in all the different languages on my milk/cereal/yoghurt tomorrow at breakfast. Yay for a multilingual country.


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  1. and you live in Brooklyn, why? Hey, I and I bet it isn’t cloudy & a steamy afternoon with 2000% humidity there either!

    Keeping it real in the hood… JEN

  2. Sounds like paradise after 10 years in gritty Hsinchu/Taipei (which might be worse than Brooklyn).

  3. I have lived in the states for 26 years, and I MISS MISS MISS MISS, did I say MISS, Switzerland!
    It is so efficient, beautiful, clean, well thought out, the list goes on….
    Enjoy your time. I have been back for a week after being in CH for 1 month, and I miss it already!

  4. Oh your post makes me a little “homesick” for a little business trip I had to take this spring to St. Moritz, Switzerland. After a delayed flight from NYC to Zurich and being awake for so many hours already, I was really apprehensive about how complicated the train trip seemed from Zurich to St. Moritz (two transfers!). But everything was so ‘ontime’ and logical and went so smoothly, even for a jetlagged American who speaks only the bare minimum of German! I am totally spoiled for Amtrak now! I can’t stand anymore to deal with American trains now that I’ve seen really how nicely things really can work. And for a reasonable amount of $$ I found your blog soon after my trip was over and have enjoyed keeping the little bit of CH alive in my daily life :)

  5. Switzerland is so CLEAN… or it was the last time I was there and now you mentioned it… so hey it must still be pristine!
    Lucky you… ENJOY your holiday!

  6. Chönd zonis ond sönd wöllkomm!

  7. Hihi, welcome back and enjoy! Wow, I didn’t know about that public pool, thanks for the tip!

  8. hi swissmissmommy!
    are you going to practice your yodeling?

  9. Last year I went to Switzerland for two months. I was based in Zurich with friends and traveled all over. These pictures bring back good memorizes….but oh how I wish I were there now! I described it all as being ‘picturesque’. It is all just like a postcard… I’m envious. :)

  10. sounds amazing!!! wow, that public pool looks gorgeous. yesterday i was biking by the public pool in the west village and it was…not as well-maintained. hi to G and E! xoxo

  11. I moved to Zürich last month and I live 2 minutes from Letten bath too! Whereabouts are you staying?

  12. Zurich est bien chouette, mais le Valais me manque aussi! Toujours fiere d’etre une Suisesse, Amusez vous bien ces vancances.

  13. Yes, it is amazing what a country can do when they don’t have a war to fund. C’mon USA, let’s get our priorities straight.

  14. I so love how the different elements in the train station all have typography that works well together. Sometimes I wish I were Swiss!

  15. I’ve been to different areas in Switzerland over the past 15 years (but always in the wintertime) and would love to go back soon! There are so many things I loved about it. The trains, the cleanliness, the civic pride, the mountains, the chocolate, the lovely breakfasts… I could go on…

    Have a wonderful time there!!!

  16. About the product copy: I’m not sure if I’m missing something here, but isn’t it like that in many countries (at least european countries) that they write it in more then one language, especially when the producer sells to more then one country?

  17. oh this post makes me homesick … even though i am not from switzerland, but i know it very well, since i grew up sort of close to Züri.
    enjoy your time there!!

  18. I lived outside of Zurich for eight years and try to go back every year or so to visit the folks (though it’s getting hard with two little ones!). I love how peaceful it is over there; it’s really a great place to get away. I too liked reading the multilingual packaging. It was like an instant German/French/Italian lesson every time you opened something.

    Glad to hear you’re having a good time on your trip. Chom guet hei!

  19. J’espere un jour visiter Zurich, ca parait idyllique tout ca :)

  20. There’s a nice little wine bar across from the train station, down the first side street to the right. Cool steel benches and such. Check it out.

    I am unable to go to Basel this year for classes, but miss the place very much.

    Just did a search 0815… on Lintheschergasse.

  21. for all the past and current swiss residents, you might find this interesting: http://health.msn.com/health-topics/depression/articlepage.aspx?cp-documentid=100201905

  22. Enjoy your stay! Yes, it’s a beautiful place, Switzerland. No wonder so many people thought I had the easiest job in the world when I used be running the national tourism marketing office abroad and are amazed when they hear that I’ve live outside the country for thirty eight years by now. Sometimes I’m amazed myself!

  23. Funny, you like the trams. I always think they’re sooooooo slow.

  24. schöni feriä!

  25. That pool looks AMAZING, I will have to revisit Zurich in the summer sometime. I made my first ever snowman there when I was 20. I loved it, but it was a very cold dark time.