3-D Business Cards


3-D Business Cards by graphic-design student Emerson Taymor. Fabulous. Totally made me smile.

(via bblinks)

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  1. So clever! and I just ordered some new cards myself but not quite so, well… brilliant, people are so creative! I love you blog!

  2. I tried to do something similar with a christmas card one year. Using 4 pictures of our son in a london phone booth combined with some folding instructions on the back, it would have been a nice 3D stand-up mini phone booth. Unfortunately I ran out of time to make it work and look perfect so I just used one of the pictures and photoshopped some “graffiti” on the booth that said “happy holiday’s” etc.

  3. He went part way there, he should have put

    phone: 415-XXX-XXXX
    home: 415-YYY-YYYY

    on the back.

  4. Really cool! That would make my card stand out!

  5. Hi, I have just read this article in Wired Mag online (http://blog.wired.com/geekdad/2009/02/lego-business-c.html) and I think these minifig business cards are quite original, as much as these ones in this post !!

  6. Iam interested in a 3-d business card my company is i jamaica west indies i would be interested in an ilandbackground

  7. please contact me thank you

  8. Cool!!!!!

  9. Does anyone happen to know a printers that can do cutting on business cards like this?