and the golden medal goes to…


I’ve decided to start handing out golden medals to swissmiss readers. The first one goes to Joe Bauldoff for not only being a loyal reader, but also for leaving the most amusing comments on many of my posts. Congratulations Joe! Make sure to check his fantastic blog.

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  1. Thank you, Swissmiss! I am truly honored. So shiny!!!!!

  2. OMG Joe’s blog is awesome. The gold is well deserved. Thanks for pointing me to him.

  3. Hello… I just want to say that I´m a loyal reader too, the thing is this is probably my first comment here. Thanks for this post, because I realize that if I like to receive comments on my blog, you also… and believe me, your blog is awsome!

    Check out how many times you had inspire my blog (is in spanish by tthe way), just put “swissmiss” on my searcher, and take a look.

    ;) I will comment more often.

  4. Is there a medal for loyal silent readers, like me?

  5. Interesting initiative … it builds up user interest :) You’ve always been an inspiration Miss Swiss :)

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