want to live in basel for 6months?


My friend Alain is looking to sublet his amazing (!!!) 2 bedroom apartment in the heart of Basel. Know of anyone currently looking to find a place to stay in Basel? Send them this link. Also, know of any sublets/shares in NYC where he could find a place to stay here in NYC? He’s a fantastic guy. Absolutely pleasant to be around, clean, responsible. Oh, and he’s a designer….

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  1. Good luck to whoever takes that – it looks like a really nice apartment!

  2. I wish i could go to Basel! This sounds amazing, if only i had an apartment in NY to swap!

  3. Hi, I’ve not a flat in NYC, but I’d like to work in Basel as designer. Suggestions?

  4. Oh, this is killing me. I lived on Sperrstrasse & had a VERY similar apartment (also 2 floors & under the roof). Can’t believe the rent … boy …. Good luck finding someone, if I could, I would move right back! :o(

  5. Almost exactly where I live :-)

  6. …if only….aaaahhh

  7. Don’t need a basel apartment, but had to peek. And SwissMiss, could you please start importing those fantastic-looking galvanized step trash-cans??? I assume they are a swiss treat?

  8. I would love to live in Basel! Sadly I can’t trade with Alain for my NYC flat right now. Next summer maybe?

  9. Yeah, I want one of those galvanized step-on trash bins too!
    Alain, are you sure you wouldn’t prefer a 3 bedroom house 10 miles from the beach in mid-coast Maine???

  10. Is the apartment still avaliable? Im a bartender living in Basel… but my parents are just about to move out and go back to Australia.

    I need a place, and im not having much luck!