alphabet bags


Alphabet Bags was created in 2008 by business partners and couple Hayley Thwaites & Lucas Lepola, two twenty-somethings living in London. You might be familiar with their first project, the KeepCalmGallery, which I often link to. Their latest project, Alphabet Bags, which launched yesterday gets my two thumbs up for its sheer simplicity. The bags have been made using 100% heavy-weight cotton and have been stitched and screen printed in the UK. What’s your favorite letter?

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  1. these are great.

    And new site design? wee :D I’m liking this.

  2. Oh I love them. I may have to buy myself a V-bag :)

  3. oh they’re great!
    do you help me coose a letter? =)
    (im lost..)

  4. These bags are great.
    My favorite one is the J, but I would buy the G of course.
    And the 25 others too.