hey, what’s that in your drink?


Nordic Rock is mined from ancient Swedish pollution-free base rock. It is the purest way of cooling your drink – literally ‘on the rocks’. Stone does not melt, which means no unclean water in your glass. They are also reusable making them very eco-friendly. To use, simply place the stone ice cubes in the freezer for approximately one hour before use. For a normal glass, two or three Nordic Rocks will be fine. They give off their cold gradually and equally. Nordic Rock: Stone Ice Cubes

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  1. Will it break my teeth as the glass nears empty and requires more tipping?

  2. I actually have the teroforma whiskey stones. I use them all the time. They are awesome. I would totally recommend them.


    pg 51

  3. isn’t regular ice eco-friendly?

  4. It is cool because it makes a statement. But I am curious about how much each rock weighs?

  5. Did you read what you wrote? All that is just marketing BS.
    “ancient Swedish pollution-free base rock” – Base rock is ancient, in fact it’s beyond ancient
    “Stone does not melt, which means no unclean water in your glass.” – And how are you planning to storage them clean?
    “eco-friendly” – as mining and transportation from Sweden always is… (and cleansing by the way)
    Love swissmiss but come-on.

  6. Yes, but how do they taste in a smoothie?

  7. Kka: The copy is in italics = quote from the manufacturer’s site. Yes, that is Marketing BS.

  8. My sister brought me some of these home from a 6 month trip up north. They work, but the sound they make when hitting the glass can be frightening at times.

  9. I have them too, but additional to the usual ice cubes.
    and i think they are great.

  10. As other commenters have hinted, regular ice is definitely more eco-friendly than this product.

    This is clearly greenwashing on the part of Nordic Rock.