Ladybuds earplug earrings


Ladybuds are two in one: earrings and reusable noise-cancelling earplugs. Now, if they come out in ‘white only’ , I’ll totally buy a pair…

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  1. Go with black, not white. They wouldn’t stay white for long. :-)

  2. they look like candy corn in those colours.

  3. Uh… is that an attractive earring? I mean, not to me, but maybe I’m alone on this one. Interesting idea, but a bit oddly executed.

  4. …well, actually, it’s not a new idea… and: I have some white ones in my online portfolio ;-)

  5. its good for going to concerts or out to races or so on.

  6. Are these for sale and where ?

  7. Drats, just thought if this myself but of course it’s already been done!