not martha’s very stuck zipper


‘not martha’s’ zipper is very stuck. So, she asks her readers for advice. Filed under “thank you internet!”

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  1. This is just horrible when this happens! I have no clue what advice to give :)

  2. Just throw it away and buy a new one ;-)

  3. In this case, what I try to do is to very careful move the zip over the teeth one notch at a time. Stretch the zip out straight, pin it or thumbtack it to a push-board both above and below the area that’s stuck. Rub some dry soap (soap bar) on the teeth and very gently push and pull the stuck zip in either direction. Sometimes I use a pin to force/realign the zip teeth under the zip pull. Good luck and if it doesn’t work, replace it with a metal tooth zipper. Buy a good one at Greenberg and Hammer…