Swings: Los Angeles

Swings is public art project by Jeff Waldman. What started last year as a conversation about the simplistic pleasures of swings has launched into a multi-city experiment in unexpected joy and cerebral happiness.

Jeff installed swings in San Francisco, in the Marshall Islands, Panama and across Los Angeles, thanks to a grant from The Awesome Foundation.

It’s a universal message. An appeal to celebrate the passions of our youth, to give in to simplistic urges, but mostly, to remind people of the difference a smile can make in their day and the infectious effect that a smile has on those they encounter.

Visit swingsetting.org to be a part of ther next swings project.

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Your Portfolio on LinkedIn

Finally: Linkedin now let’s you display your portfolio.

It seems that all of us, and every designer we know, is on LinkedIn. Why? Its the defacto professional directory, and its where our peers, big companies, agencies, and clients connect with us.

But there has never been a way to showcase our portfolio work on our LinkedIn profiles.

For over a year, Behance has been working with the LinkedIn folks to develop a special application within LinkedIn that allows ANY creative professional to showcase their multi-media portfolio.

The new “Portfolio Display” application allows anyone to create a free portfolio, display it on LinkedIn, and keep it in sync across other sites like AIGA, the Art Director’s Club Young Guns site, and the Behance Network. (YAY!)

You can create unlimited projects (with unlimited images, videos, multimedia) and upload them, via the Behance Network, to display on their LinkedIn profiles.

The application allows the 70+ million LinkedIn members – as well as hundreds of millions of visitors – to ACTUALLY SEE your creative work (rather than just read your resume).

If you are a creative professional on LinkedIn, you should join the Behance Network and then sync your portfolio with LinkedIn.

If you are already a member of the Behance Network, simply install the Creative Portfolio Display application on your LinkedIn Profile.

This is fantastic! Hat tip to Mattias and Scott of Behance.

press | swissmiss on swissinfo.ch

screenshot swiss info

I am so excited about the flattering article Karin Kamp of swissinfo wrote about me/swissmiss: Swiss Miss blogs her way to the top. A big thank you to Michael Bierut, Paola Antonelli and Khoi Vinh for their warm comments on my humble blog.


About to meet…

André da Loba. Thank you internet(s).


UPDATE: I had the most wonderful conversation with André. He came in with his ‘treasure chest’ (portfolio) and blew me away. His art is refreshing, surprising and whimsical. His talent abundant. He has a story that goes with each piece, which I completely love. I spent the rest of the day telling everyone that crossed my path how inspired I was by André. The best of it all: We decided to collaborate. I am thrilled.


Messa di Voce: “Pitchpaint”

I am about to meet Zach Lieberman, one of the masterminds behind Messa di Voce. Yay!

I met Andrew Zuckerman. Thank you internet!


I had one of these ‘thank you internet moments’ last night when I had the opportunity to finally meet much admired photographer, Andrew Zuckerman. The occasion? The launch of his a-m-a-z-i-n-g Wisdom Book book and film. This gem of a book will be under many of my friend’s and family member’s christmas trees this year!

Andrew, it was a pleasure meeting you and your wife!

coffee with oliver jeffers | thank you internet!

A few weeks ago, I posted about Illustrator/Artist Oliver Jeffers and in my post I said, that Oliver is on my ‘list of people I’d like to have coffee with someday’. And that’s what we did this morning! I had no idea that Oliver had moved to the US and works out of a studio not far from mine, in Brooklyn. Wheee! He showed us (Jennifer, my lovely office mate and reason why I found out about Oliver) some of his most recent (and top secret) work. What a creative young fella! Oliver is mostly known for his picture books, but have you ever had a peek at his site? It’s filled with so much creativity and talent, I find it quite humbling. I love this painting called: Portrait with Interplay between inner and outer (the weight of the world) (#14 in art)


If you have little kids and are not familiar with Oliver’s work, make sure to pick up some of his books: Lost and Found, “How To Catch A Star“, “The Incredible Book Eating Boy

Oliver, it was a pleasure meeting you. Thank you internet!

lunch with jon huck


One of the best things about running swissmiss is that I get to meet all these wonderfully interesting people. Today I had the pleasure to enjoy lunch with Jon Huck. Some of you might remember the posts about his poto projects: Breakfast or Couples.

Jon, it was a pleasure meeting you!

this made me laugh.


I just almost hugged the mailman when he dropped off a little box from SartoriaVico. Could it be? Yes, they sent me a Cappuccio! (lucky me, I know!) I sent them a thank you email and snapshot of me, being all happy, wearing the Cappuccio (above). And below you can see what the ladies of SartoriaVico (Cristina, Stefania, Monica and Benedetta) sent back within minutes. Filed under ‘made me smile’ and ‘thank you internet’!


not martha’s very stuck zipper


‘not martha’s’ zipper is very stuck. So, she asks her readers for advice. Filed under “thank you internet!”

e-friends = something that would be hard to explain to my grandmother

Below is an excerpt of an email exchange with SabineM, a fellow swiss-gone-US and blogger. Totally made me smile. Modern times!


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pentagram black book in my hands. YAY!


Some of you might remember my post about Pentagram’s Black Book, a 800-page overview of our recent work. Last night, I gasped for air, when I saw one of these gems peek out of a package I received. G was quite amused to see me rejoice and bounce around with it in our living room.

What an impressive body of work! And what a beautiful way to showcase it. I am loving the tabbing system.

Thank you Pentagram!

Lunch with Piers Fawkes


One of the best things about running swissmiss is that I get to meet all these wonderfully interesting people. Today was one of these days, I had the pleasure to enjoy lunch with Piers Fawkes. He’s the mastermind behind PSFK, a trends and innovation company here in the big apple. He runs a fantastic blog. Check it out. Great meeting you Piers! Thank you Internet!

psfk soiree | noah brier


I had the pleasure to mingle with the speakers of the PSFK conference last night and finally got to meet Noah Brier. He runs a fantastic online journal and is the force behind likemind and street mining. Walking into the room, it was easy to spot him, as he was wearing a bright green jacket. Ah, it all makes sense. He’s the man with the green website that carries through his identity in his wardrobe. I respect such thoroughness! Noah’s a sharp thinker and talking to him keeps you on your toes. If he’s not on your radar, put him on.

Oh, and check out the PSFK conference. Lots of interesting speakers lined up. Ops, I just saw that the conference is sold out!

PSFK, thank you again for the invitation! I had a fabulous time.

thank you internet.

Today, I had the honor to meet switzerland based Bruno Guissani, yet another wonderful connection I made through my blog. Thank you Bruno, it was a pleasure meeting you.

a cup of jo and lunch


I just love the internet. It continuously allows me to meet interesting people. Just today, I had the pleasure to have lunch with Joanna from A Cup of Jo. She is just what I expected, being an avid reader of her blog. Delightful, bubbly, warm. YAY internet!