Definition of PEBKAC.

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  1. haha, cool!

    here in brazil we call “BIOS problem”. BIOS is an acronym for “bicho ignorante operando sistema”, in english “idiot person operating the system”.

  2. See also the ID 10 T error –

  3. hahah i dont know how you find all this great stuff. posts like this make me come back to this site.

    i started my blog 3 months ago i suddenly realised this week that i love working on it alot more than working on design projects – at least for the time being, maybe it’s just a phase that will pass but i’m not so sure. i’d be interested to know if you experienced anything similar…

  4. In the music industry not plugging in equipment is known as “air gap syndrome”

  5. hahaa, that’s a good one. in my company we refer to this type of error as a “code 18”.. the problem being 18 inches behind the screen.