Stina Persson + my mom


My mom runs a high-end womens fashion store in St.Gallen, Switzerland, and asked me to design a sturdy, reusable bag for her business. I looked at my mom and said, “Sure, but only if we come up with something cool, not ‘just’ your logo on it!” She agreed. I boldly approached Stina Persson, one of my alltime favorite illustrators and asked if she’d considered licensing one of her pieces. To be very honest, I was pretty sure she’d say no or that we could simply not afford an illustrator of her class. But how incredibly cool is she? She agreed! So, here is the final product. (My mom’s store information is in the side fold, visible to people walking behind or in front of someone carrying the bag!)

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  1. that is so so awesome! and what an awesome mom job!

    awesome, i tell you.

  2. this is great, stina persson is one my favorites too! :)

  3. Wow. That bag is fantastic. Love the simplicity yet boldness of it.

  4. love that! you should give some away on your blog ;)

  5. Beautiful. And Stina Persson was a very good choice :)

  6. Design, illustration and family? I can’t think of a more rewarding collaboration…

  7. Looks great.

  8. Just Brilliant Tina.

    I’m sure this will serve your mom’s business well, and you should be so proud of the design. Really great job.

  9. That’s very striking – it would definitely entice me to see which store the bag belonged to. Great work!

  10. You have managed to create the kind of design that encourages reuse of the bag. I don’t know how things work in Switzerland, but in the US you see women reusing bags from stores all the time if it is functional and attractive (my Mom is a particular bag hoarder). I would definitely carry this around. You should make a smaller one too, for little packages (and lunch!). Congrats!

  11. Gorgeous. Love Stina Persson. That’s going to look beautiful on someone strolling down a sidewalk. a little narrower and it’s a shoulder bag.

  12. I love the handles

  13. Oh, how terribly cool.

  14. That looks great

    The girl on the bag looks like Aishwaryia Rai!

  15. gorgeous! does your mom have an online store?

  16. i.want.that.bag.
    pretty pls tell your mom to have it made from canvas aswell (and then send one to me?)!

  17. so great! and making a canvas bag is a wonderful idea :)

  18. I want that bag too! Looks great! Bravo.

  19. oh! i so agree with the canvas and the love of this bag. stina persson is an absolute favorite of mine. this is exactly why they say, “it never hurts to ask…”

  20. Hi,

    I really love that bag and been wanting to design something for myself with the same material, but am not sure where to get that kind of canvas/plastic material, mostly because I’m not sure what it’s called.
    Can you help me out with that and also let me know who manufactures the bags for you.

    Any help would be really appreciated.

    The bag is amazing by the way. Great Idea for a chic and reusable bag.



  21. Does your mom have an online store?
    That bag is fabulous!