umbrella today?


Umbrella Today is a supersimple site that tells you if you are going to need an umbrella today or not. Just put in your zip code and ‘eh voila!’ This totally made me smile. G and I met because of his umbrella… (enter happy sigh here)

(via noahbrier)

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  1. ooh, i want to hear your meeting G story.

    also, great site. so cute.

  2. i love the umbrelletiquette link at the bottom, too :) umbrellas are not weapons, practice sword fighting with real swords!

    no go for cincinnati bell users, though…bah…

  3. Heh. Could it be that the designer is a fan?

  4. Me too! I love a good romantic story and you mentioned the umbrella once before. Please fill us in on the “G and his umbrella” story!

  5. Not to be that guy, but I beat them by a month with