what part of legal immigration don’t you understand?


Mike Flynn, Shikha Dalmia, and Terry Colon show what it takes to legally immigrate to America. Click here to see a larger version. This definitely had me look and brought up memories. I know how taxing it can be trying to renew/receive visa papers. The procedures and paperwork are not only confusing it’s also incredibly expensive. All in all, I spent a whopping 20k on all the different visas, since I got to the US. Gulp.

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  1. combine that with the worst education system, health system and social welfare system on the planet as well as an economic system nearing collapse it makes you wonder why anyone would bother…

  2. There’s no way it’s woth all the trouble.

  3. I am a US citizen but my husband couldn’t get a greencard (allowing him to lawfully live in my home country) because I didn’t make enough to sponsor him based on our family size. We have three children living with us all of which are American.

    We are now living in Switzerland and there was no requirement for my husband to make a certain amount of money in order to bring me here here with him. By the way, my husband is not Swiss. He is French!

    I, also, lived in France without my husband being required to sponsor me.

    I think it is crazy that I as an American citizen couldn’t live in my own country with my husband of six years and father of our three children all because I did not make a certain amount of money!

    Why should I?

  4. Tina – Right on! We are just going through the entire process of getting it done for my fiance. (I just became a citizen in August. whew!) Not only is this process financially taxing but also emotionally.

    PS – love your work. am a friend of Jerri’s. see you at the feast tomorrow.

  5. I know I’m a little late to the conversation but my husband (Australian) didn’t even bother immigrating as a spouse opting for a work visa instead. In the end ppl always ask, “But what if he loses his job”.

    I always reply, “We’ll go to Australia.”

    “But what’s in Australia besides the kangaroos” they say.

    “Free health care.”

    “Can I go with you?”