where is your username registered?


Jon pointed me to this fantastic little site he made that checks the availability of your handle. I sometimes wish I would have chosen something a little less mainstream than swissmiss. Often times it’s been taken when I try to signup for a new site and I end up with ‘the swissmiss” or “that swissmiss” or “swissmiss nyc”… etc. Which results in a big confusion every time I try to log in. Jon put together usernamecheck.com to see where your user name is registered and where it’s still available and ready for you to lock down and secure. Fantastic! Thank you Jon!

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  1. Thanks for the mention Tina. If anyone has any sites that think should be added, feel free to drop me an email at…

    jon [at] sykes [dot] me

    Totally open to suggestions.

    Also, sorry to all those who’ve already visited and got nasty looking Dojo Debug statements, I just turned those off now. :-) Sorry.

  2. Bummer – I tried to check mine and it didn’t work!

  3. cowbark: in what way didn’t it work? Pop me an email if you want, I’d like to fix whatever the issue is.

  4. Awesome idea, but doesn’t appear too happy with me either. It’s been checking the status of the 1st one for about 10 minutes now.

  5. Doesn’t work with me either. It just says the search was made with an error and doesn’t show anything…

    But yes great idea…

  6. just getting “Internal Server Error”

  7. This could be used by identity-thieves to compile a list of websites where they could harvest personal information about an individual. It certainly takes a lot of the leg work out of finding information on someone.

    People should try and use different user-names for each site they register with to prevent this type of tool being of any use. Also, don’t put too much information into your site profiles.