A photographer’s mug


By Tebe Interesno, I guess?

(via jjjjound)

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  1. bahaha. oh my – excellent find. Forwarding this to my photographer friend as you read this.

  2. This is great…is it real or a photoshop job? It should be real anyway.

  3. nice ‘mug shot’ !

  4. Geez. Who to forward this to first.
    Wonder if the zoom will make the volume of coffee look bigger?

  5. FYI, the author’s (Dmitry Maksimov) homepage with some other great works: http://tebe-interesno.livejournal.com/

  6. This is so awesome!

  7. Pretty neat


  9. thats about the only thing that lens would be good for.

  10. hi, it’s so original idea… how can i buy it and where?

  11. Ok, this is freekin cool! So, how do we get one. I can actually get a ton of these sold through the professional groups we belong to! I’m serious! Anyone?


  12. Love this … so where do we get one? LOL You need to send this to Canon and let them make it.

  13. that is unreal! Is there any way I would be able to get my hands on one?

  14. I’ll have a 300mm Nikon Latte with no chromatic aberration to go please

  15. annnnnd……….i want one

  16. You can buy them here: http://www.canonmugs.com/
    You are welcome:)

  17. http://photojojo.com/store/awesomeness/camera-lens-mug/ Heres another location to buy these. :) A bit cheaper prices than canonmug.com

  18. Where can I buy this mug

  19. Its great ,but the material is PC ,I got a Stainless steel version at http://www.ebox365.com/lens-mugs.html ,quality is prefect only 15$ for registered accounts,I like it so much ps:they also sell much more 20type lens mug on the shop

  20. You can still buy Canon and Nikon lens mugs at http://www.lensmug.net/ They sell 11 different types of lens mugs!