You know, typical New York stroll in the park.

Kottke shot this video of some swing dancing in Washington Square Park while out and about the other day. I love you, NYC!

Dancing in Washington Square Park from Jason Kottke on Vimeo.

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  1. Only in NY.. that’s why I love my city

  2. It’s so full of life, and everybody’s having fun! I wish everyone in KL is much more this way. If we slowly sing in the streets people would still regard us as weird.

  3. Happy people! I like that! Great movie

  4. Crazy – my worlds are colliding!

    My favorite design blog randomly features some of my friends and one of my favorite bands. Dancers are Amy Johnson and Chance Bushman. Band is the Loose Marbles.

    In addition to being fabulous dancers, and talented buskers, Amy and Chance also throw events. Search youtube for the Ultimate Lindy Hop Showdown or ULHS (Amy’s annual event) for more clips of some of the best swing dancers in the world.