A vintage picture to get into weekend mode…


Happy weekend everyone!

(Originally uploaded by WalterHallCrap).

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  1. OMG! That car and trailer is so cut!!! Happy weekend to you too!

  2. What is that INSIDE the car and why is it scaring me? Is it a mannequin? A child? A hitchhiker they picked up on the way up the mountain?

    It’s a good thing that trailer has so many windows so they have a place to put their legs. lol Now I want a mini travel trailer.

  3. love the airstream look to the car–great find!

  4. Danke, schönes Wochenende zurück!

  5. That tiny car in the photo above reminds me of one of my favourite Top Gear clips of all time, when they drove some tiny little blue car into the BBC offices. Don’t worry if you’re not into cars, because this won’t matter… the humour is not lost on the masses:

  6. That there is a BMW Isetta:


    I agree, whatever that is INSIDE the car is really scaring me.

  7. Is that a blow up doll sitting in the car? Would that make this Retro-Kink or Vintage-Kink…?