The 2008 Presidential Ballot Tee


No, this isn’t a PSA about how you need to vote on Nov. 4 – we figure you’ve already made arrangements for that. In the meantime, get some practice. Buy the 2008 Presidential Ballot Tee, pick up a sharpie, and see how good it feels to make a choice.

(thanks to Alain for modeling)

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  1. LOVE. IT. can’t wait to get one!

  2. Ugh. Where are the other candidates?

    / Supporter of Bob Barr for President.

  3. Where’s Barr?

  4. I’d rather mount one on a mannequin and start slashing that lower box.

  5. hrm… I don’t think I could stand to wear the names McCain or Palin on my chest in any context.

  6. Came to comment that there are more than two candidates running but I see that got noticed rather quickly. :)

  7. Most importantly, where is the CONSTITUTION PARTY:Baldwin/Castle?

  8. I’m yet another person wondering where all the other candidates are.

    Vote Nader!