client direction:


The above image is a client direction Joe Bauldoff was given on a recent project. Naturally, he decided to Xerox a 600% magnified copy of it and post it at his desk. I would have done exactly the same. Oh, and by the way, Joe will be our ‘virtual skype video guest‘ at this month’s “creative mornings‘. YAY!

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  1. “Okay, it looks great but it doesn’t pop. Could you make it pop?”

    Me-“You mean make it ugly.”

    “*uncomfortable chuckle” Ugh, yeah. So it pops.”

    It’s 12 over 14 and green. What more do you want!

  2. But pink is sort of what i do… lol

  3. Quick! I need to find a New-York-appropriate black chic outfit to wear! And I have to make my video background “extra-designy!” Where is a random Saul Bass poster to stick behind me!?!?! I’M NOT READY!!!