Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs


Jennifer mentioned Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs as one of her favorite books from childhood. I knew that if Jennifer loved I would love it as well, so, I ordered the book. I read it to our little Ella tonight and it’s hilarious. It made me laugh out loud and the illustration style really made me look. The story is simply brilliant:

The tiny town of Chewandswallow was very much like any other tiny town except for its weather which came three times a day, at breakfast, lunch and dinner. But it never rained rain and it never snowed snow and it never blew just wind. It rained things like soup and juice. It snowed things like mashed potatoes. And sometimes the wind blew in storms of hamburgers. Life for the townspeople was delicious until the weather took a turn for the worse.

Have you read it yet? Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs

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  1. That is a great book. I remember reading it as a kid 25 years ago. I also have it in French. I still have the two copies. I am going to go read one of them again. Awesome!

  2. It’s one of our kids’ favorites.

  3. Oh yes, we couldn’t get our school librarian to read this to us enough at storytime when I was in the second grade! Pure goodness.

  4. I remember this book (and the accompanying video!)

    I adore children’s books… including ones that came after my childhood, such as the Olivia series. Those are charming!

  5. I’m too old to have had this one when I was a kid, but I’ve read it as an adult and love it!

    The picture books I always think of from my childhood are Bread and Jam for Frances (and the other Frances books) and everything Maurice Sendak. Later on, after the picture books, it was all about Pippi!

  6. YES! I read this repeatedly as a child. Also, my mom was a second grade teacher and she read it with her students. Loved this book!

  7. my brother and i used to fight over this book at the library :)

  8. that was our favorite book growing up as kids! what a good one!

  9. My all time favorite children’s book!

  10. LOVED this book as a kid!
    It’s a winner.

  11. a favorite in our house too….15 years ago! wonder if I still have it somewhere.

  12. Wow this book cover just brought back a wave of memories. I used to love hearing this book be read aloud to me.

  13. The news of a movie being made makes me feel conflicted. I loved this book as a kid.

  14. Two other great books that are well illustrated and fun to read as kids are learning word meanings are A Chocolate Moose for Dinner and The King Who Rained by Fred Gwynne (who is also Herman Munster on the Munsters TV show)

  15. Yes, of course! That is right – I’d forgotten. What a nice flash back. Thank you! I also loved Oliver the Pig, Are You My Mother and so many more…

  16. What a great read!

    As a child I would read this book over and over again. I read it over and over to my son too.

    A classic for all time!

  17. AAAAHHHHHH i haven’t thought of this book in a long time – one of my favorites. that and the man with the red apple which i have never been able to track down.

  18. I adore this book!! My mum is a librarian and when I was about 5 she decorated the library where she worked like the pictures from this story. There were toast sailboats, meatballs hanging from the ceiling and all.

  19. HA! Im so glad you finally got it. It really is one of the greats!

  20. best book ever!

  21. This is my favourite children’s book and I still have my original hardcover edition. My mother has a tradition where she calls me every year on my birthday and reads it to me over the phone without fail. The artwork totally influenced me to be an illustrator and designer.