Food pyramid lunch box


Simple, beautiful idea: Food pyramid lunch box. By Li Jianye.

(via Bauldoff / Yanko Design)

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  1. Great idea, shame about the spelling.

    The ADD kid inside me loves the idea of the pyramid, but couldn’t live with a section marked ‘meet’.

  2. too bad this aint new…..
    but prettier in did I most admit

    check out this guy’s portfolio

  3. wow that seems like a lot of carbs – are we really meant to be eating that ratio?

  4. I’m with Geeky Girl. But I love the concept!

  5. SOme time in the 1980’s the natural health community was pushing for a new food perimid that had carbs on the bottom. At the time I agreed. Now I know better lol – We should go back to the original. I still am all for natural, whole health and whole foods, but I do believe we need meat and that we should get the majority of our filling from fresh fruits and vegis, not carbs. – Love the concept as well!