Got moustache?


Yay! I can finally mustache-compete with my office mate Jennifer. 5 pencils with famous mustaches (Salvador, Zorro, Burt, Django, Clark)

(thank you justine)

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  1. hahaha – these are great! it would be oh so tempting to casually hold these up in front of your face during business meetings…

  2. Oh my I so want these!

  3. famous!!! where is da Hitler? :)

  4. damn hitler for ruining the toothbrush mustache *shakes fist*

    these are keen though. No more drawing on my finger!

  5. it’s the cutest thing that i’ve seen :) i want them so baaad!

  6. The Dali one is precious.

  7. The Clark is definitely my fave.

  8. I want to add these to my desk. These are awesome.

  9. Not Hitler, but maybye the Charlie chaplin one?

  10. How fitting with “Movember” just around the corner.

  11. Those are awesome!! Where on earth did you find them?