Mojo Toy Box


Mojo Toy Box. (I can’t help but think that this has been very much inspired by Argington’s Fuji Toy.)

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  1. hmmm…yes. we have that box. you are right.

  2. yeah, very similar, but probably a fraction the cost compared to argington’s overpriced furniture.

  3. I agree, Argingtons furniture is very expensive and the problem with it is that half the time the kids never use it to put stuff away, instead its ME! I do love the design of the toy boy and my aunt has one for her kids although it is the argingtons brand. However I wouldnt be prone to spending an arm and a leg for a kids toy box, but depending on the price I would certainly take purchasing it into consideration.

  4. Hi, I was wondering if I can buy the MOJO TOY BOX in Australia? Thanks. Naomi

  5. I bought the Mojo toy box from Land of Nod and they have discontinued it! Does anyone know where or who manufactured it? Greatest toy box bought two for two of my grandchildren. The mobility, the place for all their books and the toy compartment cannot be better! HELP!!!!

  6. I love it … especially the handles on the side of the box. It probably makes things much easier to maneuver