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T-Shirts for Designers: Von Roxy

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  1. For being “design wear for the graphic design community”, these shirts sure are, well, ugly.

  2. Agreed. D I like the idea of the helvetica shirt, but I don’t like the “Helvetica” splashed across it. A shirt made from fabric printed with all the glyphs would be cool…

    Yeah, designing for designers is dangerous business.

  3. I really liked the idea behind Only the Creative Survive. So much that I bought one. Isn’t that what our business is all about.

  4. i really like it, but maybe they’re too dark and sad :/ maybe something a bit colorful would be great! (imagine for kids! wouldn’t it be cool??)

  5. would rather see “i heart apple z”

  6. Apple has officially ditched the once ubiquitous ‘Apple’ Key. It’s now officially the ‘Command’ key. Read the SwissMiss post about Apple’s nifty new slim aluminum keyboards and then go out and get one. I love mine!