poladroid – a polaroid image maker


1. Download the free POLADROID application and launch it
2. Drag & Drop your photos
3. Wait… wait…. wait again… or shake the picture. Then look at or print your POLADROID picture.


How cool is this? How incredibly cool? It’s only 9.40am and I am already having a “I love you internet moment!”

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  1. to die for! what a fun thing to do….thanks!

  2. Per un caso del destino, abbiamo parlato della stesso cosa nello stesso giorno. Complimenti!


  3. YES YES YES MY LIFE IS GOING TO BE BETTER NOW! I’ve been waiting for something like this.

  4. ADDICTED!!! So much fun!

  5. THANKS for that tip!

  6. that is really awesome.

  7. I love the ability to still shake the photo! Brings back memories as a kid. Great download. Yes, starts the day happy.

  8. I love this. I need to fly into Polaroid action straight away.

  9. Hey, hasn’t anyone else but me been thwarted by the lack of a Windows version?

  10. ack! it’s fantastic! i’m going to be unproductive at work for the rest of the day!

  11. Thx so much for the idea! My only problem: it only worked for me ONCE, and ever since i tried to save a developed (well shaken) photo it says JPEG error :(((( pls someone HELP ME

  12. Oh wow, oh wow! Swissmiss, you are a great eFriend! Thank you for this big time!

  13. Hi. Can you tell me where you got that screen saver that is on your iMac in the photo?


  14. oh i wish i could get this to work! thanks for sharing though.

  15. coolest thing EVER!!

  16. Hmmm… looks good but I’ll need to wait for the PC version :-(

  17. OMG ….I am absolutely addicted!!!
    Love the sound effects and the shaking!
    My life is now complete….
    Love Swissmiss BTW!!


  18. How bad is it that I’ve been supersluggish lately and found this (including the picture) on my CLIENT’S blog? Shame on me!

  19. poop! All you MAC users and here I am on my PC and can’t use it… wow I hardly ever come across this problem!

  20. This is example #1 of why you are awesome.

  21. Awesome indeed. Thanks so much Tina!

  22. I have also had great results with the exposure 2 filters from alien skin. I love them because you can choose which film stock (Polaroid or otherwise).

  23. Great site to do pics like this is http://www.polaroin.com
    Great colors, vignette(much more real), caption and frame of course