scrubbing potato gloves


Oh my, I want a pair of these scrubbing potato gloves. Those clever danes!

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  1. I hate to say it, but they look just like the loofah gloves I’ve bought in the dollar bins at Target… you could probably use a pair of those if they were exclusively for potato scrubbing. Otherwise it could get a bit gross!

  2. I bought the vegetable pair. I think there are the same except for the color. I wash the gloves in the top rack of the dishwasher.

  3. oh! i saw a commercial on them – they look so fun! I wonder if they really work the way they do in the commercial. It looks so fast.

  4. Clever. I would definitely use these…

    Are the insides of the gloves scratchy? That wouldn’t feel too fabulous…

  5. I have the vegetable ones in apple green colour and they are AWESOME!!

    We have 100’s of potatoes from the garden and they are super easy to scrub crean with the gloves. We never have to peel any of the carrots or potatoes now that we have the gloves.

  6. Yes Laura, the insides are scratchy :(

  7. Good idea !

    Does it works with carrot ?

  8. Ive thought about getting some. They would be great for the holidays when I do an enormous amount of cooking but you say the insides are scratchy? Do they tear up your hands?