In case of emergency…


In case of emergency BREAK DANCE, Type Tee by Miciah Anderson.

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  1. Weird! I saw someone with this shirt walking around this afternoon for the first time! It made me laugh on the way home from a long, drawn out day. Wonderful coincidence. :)

  2. Hey there,
    I recently tagged you so if you want to carry the thing on, please visit my blog at and do what the instructions say. :D
    Your blog is great, please continue. :DDD
    Sorry if you have been tagged before. The person that tagged me suggested that you do a different list.
    :D Have fun.

  3. Made me chuckle too.

  4. absolutely brilliant.

  5. can we have these as office shirts??

  6. Weird, I’m wearing this shirt right now!

  7. I like! Just ordered one for Mr Geekware for Christmas!

  8. Want one want one want one.

  9. This would be great as a kid’s tee!

  10. yes, good idea! :)

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  11. Never thought I’d see something I owned on SwissMiss :) That’s my favourite T from my collection.