Let Me Google That For You


Next time someone asks if you know something (for example, “what was the URL for that swissmiss blog you told me about?”) simply go to Letmegooglethatforyou.com, put in whatever it is they should’ve googled in the first place, then send them the link it spits out to show them how it’s done. Made me laugh. See the swissmiss demo here. I love you Internet!

(via zoomdoggle)

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  1. I can’t decide if this will save me time and be hilarious or maybe everyone around me bitter and sensitive.

    …I’m gonna do it anyway! This is too funny.

  2. Oh, I love it!
    My colleagues drive me crazy asking me questions that they should be asking Google. Brilliant!

  3. LOVE IT!!

  4. Swiss Miss Hot Chocolate! Who knew?!

  5. There should be another one of these for people like my mom who put urls for everything in the google box (it’s her home page) instead of up top. Some people take a little while…

  6. Hee-larious.

    Stuff like this is why I love your blog.

  7. brilliant. can’t wait to use this and piss some silly people off

  8. Good stuff!

    In Finland we say “KVG!” in these situations. Abbreviation of Kato vittu googlesta = Look it up in the f**king google.

  9. absolutelly fabulous!!! Us, whose adiction to internet is huge should use that, cause the regular users are too lazy to google their doubts :D they wanna use our minds to filter the results, bunch of zombies!

  10. Brilliant and much more polite and funny than the “Google is your friend” replies you see on email lists all the time.

  11. that’s really cool
    by the way the coolest thing is your site :)