magnetic curtain by florian krautli


“A curtain which you can shape to any form. Through the incorporated structure and magnets, it stays in the shape you push and pull it to.” Florian Krautli official website.

(via lionhug)

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  1. That’s so clever.

  2. ack! where was this when we lived in a beaten up old loft in bushwick with 250sq feet of windows! brilliant!

  3. I have had the pleasure to read the same news on Bloggokin on last May 23.

  4. one of those genius ideas that’s slipped through the crack for years and years…does anyone know of a precedent?

  5. That is awesome!

  6. I want one!

  7. …is it safe to set a computer beside? How about my debit card?

    Seriously though, it’s beautiful.

  8. I’m sorry to see that curtain is still not in production.