ObamaBats Font


ObamaBats: A collection of 24 high-quality dingbats featuring Barack Obama and various design elements! This collection is completely free for download, upload, distribution, use and modification. Use these dingbats to start creating your own Obama paraphernalia today!

(thank you anne!)

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  1. love! this is fabulous. i’ve never seen dingbats look so good altogether on one poster!

  2. a little late though,huh? are people really going to keep posters,etc. hanging up in their living rooms now that he has been elected?

  3. What I love most about the collection is that it’s called Obamabats.

    That would have been a great name for Obama fans.

  4. i second bobby

  5. fantastic!

  6. Wonderful!! This is useful in so many ways!

    — Cris
    My site: http://www.crisdecuba.com/obama/