worth posting again.

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  1. The most inspirational moment of an intensely inspiring campaign. This makes me cry every time.

  2. absolute gänsehaut. wanna be an american for today :)

  3. YES WE DID!

  4. This was the most inspirational campaign I have ever seen. Obama is a leader. Our leader. Chokes me up every time I see this.

  5. Sorry but its still just media-savy spin – whether it comes from the democrat’s advertising agency or the republican’s advertising agency…zzzz

  6. every time i watch this, tears come to my eyes. i am still giddy that, yes, we did. we chose obama. thank you for posting this again…

  7. Ok, so he’s got great speech writers. But that doesn’t make him a great president.

  8. I got goosebumps. And I’m trying to be a disaffected Australian who couldn’t give a rats. Stop making it so difficult to ignore this charming, amazing man. AHHH!

  9. worth posting again. and again. and again. and..

  10. Prettied up, savvy, Hollywood-endorsed media such as this makes me wary. I am just hopeful that he is as intelligent and charismatic as he comes across. He has 4 years to prove himself. In our current economic state, it’s a big enough challenge for any president. Let’s not set the poor man up on some ginormous pedestal – riding on magical white hourse in Camelot, no less!


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