Flexible Fuel: Educating the Client on IA


Information architecture (IA) means so much to our projects, from setting requirements to establishing the baseline layout for our design and development teams. But what does it mean to your clients? Do they see the value in IA? What happens when they change their minds? Can IA help manage the change control process? More than ever, we must ensure that our clients find value in and embrace IA—and it’s is our job to educate them.

If we want our customers to embrace IA, we must help them understand why we need it. IA is about selling ideas effectively, designing with accuracy, and working with complex interactivity to guide different personas (potential customers) through website experiences.

The following talking points may help your clients understand the value of IA.

Flexible Fuel: Educating the Client on IA, by Keith Laferriere

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  1. I cannot tell you how great this article is. Clients never get it, no matter how much you explain it…it’s NOT DESIGN!!!!!!! AGH!!!!!!!

  2. an important article! valuable insight