Keep Calm and Carry On Rugs



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  1. Love! Want rug too!

  2. Beautiful but ouch £435

  3. What else can we POSSIBLY print this on? Bathing suits? Belt buckles? Tool boxes? Please.

  4. I wanted it as well until I saw the price. My $5 mat from Target will appease me for the rest of the season.

  5. Best possible goodbye

  6. Best possible goodbye

  7. Isn’t this like the opposite of “Now panic and freak out” tee by Threadless?

  8. Me too. $644 US, my framer just tried to get me to pay that for one frame.

  9. There’s an interesting story behind the poster this rug was based on. The couple that own one of Britain’s largest 2nd hand bookstores in the north of England are the one’s who first came across the poster and started to print it… read the story at the link below.

    However it’s other companies who take most of the credit for it. Admittedly people saw the potential in the iconic imagery and new how to capitalise on it… and of course the poster is copyright free and in the public domain, but still it’s his lack of recognition of the discoverer’s of the poster that annoys me.

    If anyone wants to purchase some ‘Keep Calm and Carry On’ stuff (not this rug however:) I suggest you do it from the the true home of the iconic found phrase.. Barter Books, Alnwick, Northumberland.