This.Is.Stunning. (gasp)


Innovative and stunning paper-cut illustrations of Yulia Brodskaya, graphic designer and illustrator from Russia.

(via chrisglass)

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  1. Paper-cut? It is indeed stunning :-o

  2. On a related paper sculpting note, I saw Jen Stark’s work today and it blew me away:

  3. Oh my… I wonder if she’d make something for my wedding? Luckily we’re waiting until after we graduate, so I have time to save up. XD

  4. Amazing work – sensational. And I really enjoy your blog. Thanks!!

  5. Amazing. Is that what they call paper ‘toling’?

  6. it’s so beautiful! thanks for sharing!

  7. This is so beautiful! Thanks for sharing! She takes quilling to the next level. Truly inspiring.

  8. Stunning indeed! What patience she must have.

  9. Wow, amazing. Thank you very much for sharing!

  10. Would like to be a fly on her wall and watch her in action. This looks addictive. So much paper, so many ideas! I’m going to practice with my own recycled paper stack! B.

  11. What a fantastic pure and subtle artist. I really discover something great today thanks to your post. I’ve put it in bookmarks!

  12. Absolutely beautiful! Thanks

  13. Wow, white on white is great.

  14. This is just too good!! I’m resigning!

  15. Absolutely breathtaking!

  16. Wow, really beautiful and amazing work!!

  17. Fabulous – so nice to see quilling being used in that way!

  18. really enjoyed reading this

  19. salut
    je suis tres passionee par ce type d’art
    c extra ordinaire
    j’espere pouvoir faire de chose pareil si vous permetez de m’informer
    et merci