Todd Selby | Photographer


Todd Selby photographs interesting people and their creative spaces. Featured in the above picture is Bobb Bruno. I can’t remember when a photographer’s site has made me linger for this long. I am completely mesmerized by this project and enjoy the glimpses into creative people’s apartments. Hat tip off to Todd Selby.

(thank you karin)

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  1. Woah, that’s kind of weird…I’ve used to know this guy (Bobb Bruno). He was friends with my ex-husband. Huh. How random and strange.

  2. Ahhahaha. I wonder where he got that suit.

  3. I am also amazed at Todd Selby and his project, oh so beautifully executed. So envious!

  4. His tours are what I’d like Apartment Therapy House Tours to be more like

  5. I am in love now too.