A collection of Presidential Signatures


Barack H. Obamas first signature as a president . Beautfiful! And here, a collection of Presidential Signatures.

(partially via designnotes)

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  1. Wow, he has some great handwriting. My signature still looks like it did when I was 10.

  2. Awesome! Fascinating post, I’m so glad you found this

  3. Interesting to see the “Do not” or “No” symbol in his signature. Just needs a ghost in the middle of it for the ghostbusters logo.

  4. NEAT!

    Jen Ramos

    ‘Cards & Prints You’ll Love…’

  5. This is a fabulous post! So pertinent — especially today! Barack Obama has a beautiful signature, doesn’t he? It’s very fluid. Did you know that the last five presidents (including Barack Obama) have been left handed.

  6. About the link – the George W Bush signature is interesting. Is it in some other alphabet (like Georgian) or sütterlin? :)

  7. he clearly used a fountain pen. I always considered him more the roller-ball type… I wonder at point they switch over.

  8. crative, strong and confident…I like that!

  9. It’s a nice scribe alright, but the only intelligible letters are BO. Oh dear.

  10. Grant wins for former presidents too.

  11. love it. thanks for posting.

  12. simply amazing.
    My reader is filled to the brim with great posts today but this seriously stood out.

  13. Very interesting post. Thanks!

  14. first place a tie between barack and lbj.

  15. Obama’s is certainly an interesting signature isnt it. You guys might be interested in a free signature font Ive made containing every US Presidential signature from Washington to Obama, 43 in total.

    You can download it at http://www.presidentialsignatures.com

    Im glad Im not president, my own signature is shocking and I’d surely be mocked :)

    Another bit of Trivia, even though Obama is the 44th president, he is only the 43rd individual to have served. Grover Cleveland served 2 non consecutive terms. Hence why there are only 43 signatures in the font.