A minimalist way of viewing flickr images

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A new, minimalist way of viewing Flickr photostreams; Ihardlyknowher.com. If you have a Flickr account, your URL is http://www.ihardlyknowher.com/yourFlickrusername. The above screenshot is taken from my swissmiss account. 

(via ehub)

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  1. I love that. thank you!

  2. oh man this is absolutely wonderful!!

  3. So nice. Works for sets, and on mobile browsers, too

  4. The only way this site could be better, is if the images were on a black background…

  5. so cool! hast du gemerkt, dass du die brennweite, blende und iso-wert siehst, wenn du mit der maus auf ein bild fährst? super!

  6. I think it only works for pro accounts though.

  7. funktioniert das nur mit einem pro. account??

    bei mir gehts nämlich nicht

  8. Works fine on my non-pro account. Thank you so much for sharing this.

  9. Pity it formats to the left… looks weird on my 24″ monitor. I would prefer it set on center or left of center myself. Still looks good though!

  10. Niiiiiice.

  11. doesn’t this defeat the point of having right-click protection on your flickr account and not allowing people to view/download larger sizes?