Architects are sexiest


Architects have been voted the sexiest male professionals, in a survey of women’s ideal partners.

(via my friend Samuel and homerejuvenation)

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  1. Oh dear. Please no one let my husband see this. I mean, did George Costanza write this?

    In my experience architects are full of self-loathing as they studied so hard for their passion and got their license only to be paid poorly with a load of liability.

    I mean, I find that sexy–I married one–but I’m kinky like that.

  2. She’s totally right, you know. We get paid peanuts.

  3. and men picked PR. Possibly because their entire profession is built around fellating

    Just saying!

  4. gee, i’m surprised “models” didn’t make the men’s top sexiest list. just shows you what men only think about.

  5. wow!
    What about female architects??

  6. I’m very disappointed we are not considered sexy as well!

  7. I’m very disappointed we are not considered sexy as well!

  8. I used to work at an architects and I think there’s a massive disconnect here between perception and reality – if they knew how long they have to work for the (not particularly large) pay packets they receive, I think the survey would be different!

  9. Well, maybe men still find it too intimidating to be in a company of a woman with such a personality traits…

  10. hmmm…i thought it was talking about how architect’s are sexist.

    signed- female architecture intern

  11. Well… at least I’m on there for 2nd sexiest female!

  12. an unmissable architect’s meme dating back at least to 2005 ( and resurfacing now and then for our repeated amusement…

  13. how about chuchichäschtli designers?

  14. I sent this article to a bunch of my friends who have ALL had bad experiences dating architects. I have also found them to be terrible, especially in long term relationship. This only goes for men…women architects rock and are some of my best friends.

    Here are some of the comments I received in reply from my friends:

    “Good lord, like those idiots needs more added to their ego and god complexes!”

    “haha funny! besides sexy, can we add lazy, smelly and loves to sleep in bed with clothes that have wood chips all over them?”

    “Also add, NON COMMITTAL, SELFISH & INSENSITIVE :) Ha, No bitterness here ;)”

    “I second all the comments and I add:
    socially awkward and cheap.”

    “I would like to add that most of them are bitter or usually old. They’re similar to classical artists: they don’t get famous/recognition until they’re old or dead, usually both.”

    “non-architects are waaay hotter…..I will NEVER date an architect again….sooo not sexy…. “

    Despite all the bad remarks, the truth is we all dated them, so them may actually be sexy – but JUST being sexy doesn’t cut it to win a real woman!

  15. Wait, so where was cheerleader and gymnast on the list for women?

  16. I am an architecture student now and from what i can see, non of my male coursemates are sexy.They are smelly dirty and weak in fashion sense.Some have very stong ego that it is really hard to communicate sometimes.As for female architects, they r hot and elegance. And tats y i think female architects are way sexier than male.

  17. Money isnt everything. As an Architect i love what i do …That is sexy in it self…

  18. Rule No1: Architects are always right. Rule No2 : If you dont think so then refer to rule No 1. and now it is wonderful to read that architects are sexiest ;-)

  19. Yeah right!!!


  20. I believe they are the most selfish males tooo…. Just like one of the people above…. ;)

  21. “architects always make a difference” being sexy….whatever!!!

  22. i agree that is a good comment short and stylish ;-)

  23. As a third generation architect in my family, I have found these outlandish articles and comments very amusing. My grandfather, happily married for 63 years, loves his spouse and never left her side, not once. If he ever traveled anywhere he would always take her with him to work/projects. Nonetheless they had eight children who were brought up very well and all had their own families. Currently, they are still madly in love and sail from South America to the Carribean. He is passionate about his (past) work, but I would agree he is more passionate about her. My parents, father an architect and mother a vice-president of a university are as well, madly in love. I’ am in the middle of nine children, so their love shows. Continuing this further, my sixth anniversary of my marriage was not much than a week ago. It was the perfect marriage and I loved her dearly and my two children. (I know I may get criticized for talking about my life). However in a month I will be celebrating her death and the death of our second child, as she died giving birth. Since then I have never looked at women the same, noone will ever take her place — she always took my breath away.

    However, I believe there is a mistake in labeling all architects has high-ego, selfish, or lazy. There is also thee assumption they are egotisticle assholes, which just maybe the types of men you are following. I’ m not agreeing to this article in any way, fashion, or form; I think it’s an underestimated professional postion in which people judge quickly. Although what do I know? I’m 31 now, possibly old and bitter.

  24. hehehe I think I am sexy like that…although I have been called socially awkward because I am always right!!! heheh and I put down cocky people in a second…NYC arch..the sexiest.

  25. mmmm…i dont think so my hasband was archetict ..o dont agree with you sir

  26. Architects make pretty lousy money only at the beginning of their career.They can easily make six figures after a couple of years and I personally know some who are millionaires.

  27. Architects can make pretty good money. That must be it. The men’s list is funny and so typical.

  28. Thank god i’m an architect, know I know why i get so lucky haha

  29. Forget about architects! They are just wearing black and are lacking humour and crazyness…
    I m just going for landscape architects. That`s a good deal.
    A well balanced mix between architect and natureboy. rrr….

  30. Perfectly all right with sabine ***
    Signed : a landscape architects

  31. I believe female architects are sexier than male, because females have their own sense of fashion inn every way but males really don’t know what that is. LoL

  32. To arch190. Female architects do not despair. The sexiest and the most beautiful architect in the world in 2012 is 3rd-runner-up Ms Universe 2011 Shamsey Supsup, an architect from the Philippines. She is a cum laude and a topnocher in the architecture board exam.

  33. stooop,,,,, i jus think neither male architects are sexy nor female,,, it doesn,t meant the in between category,, i just wanna say the design and the creativity and off course the architecture should be sexy,,,

  34. Wow..some people here are blaming architects as if they only are the only messy,smelly,egoistic,disloyal creatures on the face of Earth…
    Why? are other professionals scot free and white as snow?
    Im an architect..and am proud of it..remember..proud..not egoistic..if a bunch of architects is bad..then it doesnt mean the whole community will be too..

  35. Actually, When it comes down to it, male architects are only happy with female architects. Takes them about a decade to figure it out. Some thing to do with the boot camp style of the studio schooling. Wish someone told me this ahead of time before i dated one…

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  37. I have known some Architects personally and love all of them because they are often seen as being “balanced and rounded individuals who combine a creative approach with a caring, thoughtful disposition”, the survey found. It concluded: “Their ability to cope with pressure of work in a relaxed manner was also deemed to be a significant plus.”

    Male architects beat doctors, engineers, lawyers ,film directors and actors on the top spot.

    However female members of the profession fared less well and did not feature in the top 10 out of male preferences.

  38. Yes! Architects are trained to think differently, and people expect us to be creative, intelligent and of course with a solution for every damn problem.

    Architect creates. I often say to my friends or even to someone who is my junior, if one comes seeking suggestions or inspirations, that God created the world, and today architects continue doing it so. Our works stands the test of time and becomes the standing history of our world.