belt buckle made of letterpress type


All you letterpress fanatics, beware: Steel Toe Studios, a design and metalsmithing company in Seattle, recently came out with a hand-forged belt buckle made from metal type.

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  1. Don’t forget to wash your hands every time you adjusted your belt.

  2. I had to dig a few pages deep to find it, but it’s cast in pewter, from letterpress type, that is to say, the faces type was molded, then copied.

    The only lead in the buckle is the small amount present in pewter, but it’s not melted type (phew!).

  3. Hi! I am the maker of these buckles. I took actual letterpress pieces, made an original, then have LEAD FREE pewter castings made from that original.
    You can get them on my website,
    or on my etsy site for a couple bucks cheaper:


  4. Yeah, I could definitely see myself rockin’ this belt. I love it. @erica, this is pretty amazing. Well done!

  5. What nonsense! There is no danger from lead type, unless of course you eat it.

  6. Hallo Tina,

    congratulations, your site is super! Ich bin auch Appenzeller (und gelernter Schriftsetzer); der Typo Belt Buckle gefällt mir sehr. Wo kann ich einen erwerben?

    Liebe Grüsse,
    Claude Bürki

  7. That’s a nice buckle! It gives some great ideas! Thanks for the post.

  8. I wanted to buy this buckle but nobody ever reacted to my inquiry (I’m based in Switzerland). Bad marketing, obviously they’re not interested in business. Clyde

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