Best of Restaurant Graphics


An entire book filled with Restaurant Graphics? I want! I want!

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  1. Totally recommend this book.

    The subject matter is intriguing and the content
    does not dismay.

  2. Great fan and very frequent visitor of your blog. One question though. Have you ever considered letting your links open in a new window? Maybe it’s just me, but I find it a bit annoying having to click back and frequently end up closing the window by mistake and then having to open up explorer once again to get back to your site… Just a thought :-)


  3. I have this book and it’s great!

  4. I LOVE this book! You should totally buy it.

  5. rasmus – teach yourself to right click and open the link in either a new tab or new window.

    for those of us that tab browser when a website opens a link in a new window, i despise it, i don’t want my computer getting cluttered up with new windows.

    often there is a key command as well. on a ma in safari it is command + click, very easy to do and opens it in a new tab for you.

  6. Great timing! I’m in the middle of updating the identity for my dad’s restaurant!