Picture_1, an online Inauguration guide created by, is connecting last minute travelers with accommodations in Washington DC. Individuals or groups can easily rent an airbed, couch, private bedroom, or entire place for as little as $45/night. Already visitors from throughout the United States, and even European countries, are booking Inauguration accommodations directly online through the service. Over 800 local residents have listed rooms on the site for what’s being called the ‘Woodstock of Washington’.

Joe was so kind to make a special coupon for swissmiss readers. You can save $25 on your Inauguration room, if you book now through Jan 15 with coupon code “SWISSMISS”.

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  1. Using coupons is an incredibly smart step. Don’t let the good stuff fall through the cracks! There is free coupon organizing software available at:
    good luck – Tom

  2. Unfortunately won’t be going to the inauguration, but I love this website.

  3. Pretty cool little site. Good link.

    Since I have a bunch of family in DC, all of my West Coast friends have been asking if they can couch surf at my brother-in-law’s house or something to that effect.

    They’ve consistently reported that all rooms in the greater DC area are taken. Rental cars, gone.

    Wish I could go, but damn glad I don’t have to deal with the nonsense, the traffic and the opportunistic high prices that are going to surround the event.

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