Savings Book


Savings Book: Cleverly conceal your savings or anything important with this bank disquised as a book. The top features a slot for bills or coins and slides open for easy access to savings. Made of maple wood with a cloth binding. Love it!

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  1. Love it too. And it’s on sale!
    Before $90 – Now $39.95…

    Love your blog Swissmiss. Keep up your great work.

    /Kent Stephan Jensen

  2. Great idea and nice design, thanks!

  3. Oh yes, nice – but how about this one?

  4. You can also make your own hollowed-out book:

    I just did this the other day–took a few hours. (Love your blog!)

  5. The best thing about this? I know I would forget it was there and, when I was moving, I’d find it and it would be a total happy surprise!

  6. Love it too. And it’s on sale!
    Before $90 – Now $39.95…