CreativeMornings: Anjeli Sharma on “The Role of Packaging Design” (only 30 spots available)


I am thrilled to announce the first CreativeMornings of 2009: On January 9th, 2009, Anjeli Sharma Sr. Strategist at Naked, will talk on how Packaging plays a crucial role in the communications mix, acting as the core essence of the brand, both on shelf and after purchase. Once at shelf, the package has less than three seconds to grab people’s attention, amidst a slew of competition, shelf talkers and sales prices. Despite it’s importance, the package becomes a means of slapping on extensive messaging, leaving it ineffective and confusing to people. This talk will explore the role of packaging design in communications planning and why it is so important to get it right!

The event is being generously hosted by Naked at 96 Greene Street #3 in Soho and opens up at 8:30am with the 10 minute talk starting at 9:00am, following a 20 minute disussion. Our virtual guest of the month will be Joey Roth, mastermind behind the fabulous Sorapot.

Interested in attending? Make sure to r.s.v.p via email as there are only 30 spots available. We are filling up quickly. Please tell us your name and what industry you’re in. Sorry, but we are at full capacity already.

Can’t attend? Don’t worry, here’s a list of our scheduled 2009 speakers: Matthew Waldman, Armin Vit, Allegra Burnette (Creative Director of Digital Media at The Museum of Modern Art) and Hillman Curtis.

Breakfast will be sponsored by Iridesco, the creators of Harvest, a web-based time-tracking and invoicing application and Co-op, a casual communication tool to help small teams work together better. Both of these apps have played a key role in helping creative businesses stay organized and work efficiently.


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  1. oh I wish I were there!!!!

  2. Looking forward to finally attending one. Count me in.

  3. is there any way to view these meetings on YouTube? This would be a great one to attend, given my daily involvement with packaging design.

  4. We did record last months talk and are planning on taping all of them. Unfortunately our film-guy, Rolo, is out of town tomorrow and we are not able to record this one. I apologize.

  5. Oh nooo! Next time, then. Hopefully there will be more on packaging design, especially food pckgng. Thanks Tina.