52 E-Commerce Stores on the iPhone


Tom Sullivan took screen shots of 52 of the top ecommerce sites on his iphone to see what the support was like. Only 6 of the 50 retailers redirect iPhone users to a mobile-optimized website: Amazon, Best Buy, Foot Locker, Target, Victoria’s Secret, and Walmart. (Ralph Lauren should be on this list, since they offer a mobile-optimized website, but the server doesn’t redirect iPhone visitors.) I am pretty sure this ratio will change quickly considering how important the iPhone has become.

(thank you Jon)

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  1. I actually prefer it when I’m on my iPhone and I don’t get redirected to a bizarre mobile site. Give me the layout and interface I’m used to.

  2. Mobile optimize sites are something more places need to think about. One site I like to visit often when on the road is Realtor.com. They just underwent a major redesign however their site falls apart and becomes unusable on the IPhone. So things like looking at house listing while on the property or looking for the property becomes difficult at best.

  3. Agree it is very important to target not just the iphone but other mobile devices that will lead the charge for a new era of mobile web browsing and design (good riddance WAP). Recently posted on this as well. It’s true that some times the mobile version is just an obstacle in front of a good experience. Sometimes necessary functionality is removed. But when done well people will come back to these sites more often without the burden of their small screens.

  4. In many cases I prefer the site optimized for iPhone over the original. These sites tend to get rid of the cruft and focus on what is absolutely necessary.

  5. I HATE-HATE the mobile versions of the sites! Sites like Sears, Amazon, etc are annoying! And some you can’t even select “view PC version!” I really wish there was an option in our Safari Settings on the iPhone to not appear as a mobile phone. These sites are missing valuable content that is stripped from them!