Is Obama President?

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Is Obama President? YES! It’s a monumental day to be living in the USA!

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  1. looking forward to the change that is to come. I think in this mess that we are living in, we are all looking for something to make it better. Today is a hopeful day.

  2. Yikes, that was an embarrassing swearing in ceremony…he bungled just about every line and thats probably what the whole world will see! I hope thats not indicitive of how his administration will pan out.

  3. Please watch the oath video. Justice Roberts messed up. It appears that he memorize the oath and choked while giving it. Obama (who knew the oath) was tripped up when Roberts got it wrong.

  4. i agree with John. if you actually watch the speech it is clear that Obama knew the oath and only tripped up because he was caught off guard by Justice Roberts’ mistake. Obama is one of the most inspiring people of our time. It is his persona, charisma and abilities that are seen by the world, not the minor bump in the oath.

  5. He couldn’t even recite the oath of office. All he had to do was repeat what Roberts said…not that difficult. If it isn’t a pre-planned speech he looks like an idiot. This would be all over the news if a republican fumbled it up as bad as obama did. I can’t help feeling like this is going to end in utter disaster and we have been duped – a day of mourning for America

  6. Oh gosh Tariq, I would love to see how well you speak on that level. Think of how nervous anyone would be. He’s taking the highest office in the US, and he fumbled a few lines. It happens to even the best speakers of the world. It’s not that big of a deal. It would be nice for once if people who stop criticizing and help for a change.

  7. How come these creepy haters are reading such as nice website as this?

  8. In regards to the actual website “” – They should really make a screensaver of this. I’m sure a great deal of people would download it.

  9. ben – wake up! obama is definitely an impressive figure – but all the media comparisons to lincoln is completely absurd! lincoln BECAME a great president by his determination and actions while in office – it reflected the man’s character. obama has yet to prove anything other than being influential and winning an election; while governing this complex nation will take wisdom. and that is what obama has yet to fully display. i am amazed that all these young designers, artists, etc… that pride themselves on not following the masses have all fallen right into line b/c obama has a facebook account?! it’s frightening to me how willing those under 35 are to trust him completely!?

  10. NSS – I could NOT have said it better myself! You captured everything I’ve been thinking about this whole thing. Obama has yet to prove what people already think he is. He’s been president for 2 days. I don’t understand when designers/artists freak out when another designer/artist isn’t fully convinced of Obama yet. So much for thinking for yourself? I wish him well, but only time will tell.

  11. I’m pretty danged excited about Barack Obama being our new President and it has nothing to do with being a designer.