Keith Jarrett Solo Concert

Keith Jarrett is performing thursday night at Carnegie Hall. Oh, how I would love to see that… Yay! Fabulous Jennifer is going to watch our offspring, so G and I can go and see the performance. Can this monday get any better?

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  1. yay! i will be there too tina. can’t wait to see it. i was at the last carnegie hall concert and it was absolutely stunning, one of the best nights of my life. go KJ!

  2. That’s not fair, why things like that always happen in NY! ;)
    I had a chance to listen to Jarrett in trio, in Warsaw. Amazing!
    It’s a spiritual experience :)

  3. passo qui per caso
    saluti from Italy

  4. I saw him in Lisbon, together with Jack DeJohnette and Gary Peacock. I’ve seen a great deal of concerts but that one was, by far, the most amazing concert I’ve ever seen. :)


  5. I wet to Jarrett’s 2007 solo show in Chicago at the Symphony Center. It was the first time seeing Keith in person and although he is an amazing performer I must admit I was surprised at the kicking, gyrating, groaning and moaning during his performance. Overall an amazing performance by a very eccentric performer. Here is a review of the show:

  6. yay! have a wonderful time! xo

  7. Lucky girl. Keith Jarrett AND a date with G. What a lovely night. :)