Live what you love


Live What You Love Letterpress Print in Black (16/27) by NYC based Hijiri.

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  1. Strange.. I don’t think the design on this is too good.

    The way all the letters are flush left makes a weird shape out of the “W” and “Y” adjacent to the straight lined “L’s”.

    I would have staggered the text in center or something.

  2. Thank you so much for featuring my print!! I am so honored.

    This is 100% hand made; I typeset each letter by using vintage wood type blocks and letterpressed with Vandercook Press, yes, it’s not perfectly designed, but I hope it gives nice warm feeling.

  3. Don’t get me wrong.. it is a nice saying and I like the font and size of the piece a lot.

    It is just the alignment I would change.

  4. I think the quirky design is lovely and only reinforces the sweet message!

  5. I really like this print. is it available in any paper colors other than white?