Online Backup

Online backup for $5 a month, unlimited storage? Well, Hello there, future! (currently by invitation only, of course!)  

(via chrisglass)

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  1. is only $50 a year ($10 less that the one you linked) and anyone can join. I believe they also have a Mac client, but I’ve been quite happy with them for the last couple of years.

  2. is effing awesome for this type of thing. After using it for a few months, it’s been awesome for syncing between my many comps. Disclaimer: I know one of the founders (or he may just be one of the first developers) and he’s the man, even though he shaved his afro :(.

    I also have a peeve about web sites that play audio unexpectedly once you launch them. ::hissssss::

  3. @Andy – you’re right about the unwanted (and it’s always unwanted) audio. Boo Hiss indeed.

  4. What about mozy ( Same conditions ($ 4,95/month) and surely with a lot more experience… Use it for over a year now with my mac and it’s great.