A bike lane that travels with you


If there is no bike lane, what to do? Bring your own: LightLane . We agree with GOOD, this is a superb idea.

(thank you rion)

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  1. So, so smart, especially for bike unfriendly Florida. But would it only be visible at night?

  2. “Get in Lane” they say. What a cracking idea!!!!

  3. Great idea, but how would you see it when a car’s headlights blast past?

  4. That is definitely a great idea. As long as it’s not washed out by headlights (or sunrise…)

  5. that was my friend’s thesis project and it won an honorable mention in the 2007 annual student design for the international housewares competition.

    hmmm, can anyone say ganked?


  6. wow, that is exactely what we need here in Brazil…

  7. This is absolutely brilliant!

  8. omigod why didn’t i think of this…brilliant!

  9. (post-accident trail)

    “But Judge, I was traveling in the bike lane!”

  10. This is an amazing idea, specially for that city that do not have a bike lane anymore!

    It’s good idea mainly if you go around during the nights!

  11. Os recojo esta buena idea para mi blog.

    Saludos desde “Recogedor”.
    Gollus. ;)

  12. or you could just make sure the light you have on your FIXIE isn’t some tiny blinking LED that no one can see…

  13. Hoho, i love that!

  14. Cute idea but not worthwhile. Brighter lights, or just plain having lights both back and front is helpful. That’s what drivers look out for and are accustomed to. And believe it or not, drivers have less contempt for cyclists when they perceive us as giving a shit about anyone else except for ourselves. Oh and it helps to stop at stop signs too or at least acknowledge them.

  15. well i dont think its a good idea for the reason that it wont stretch out as long for drivers to percaution themselves

  16. Thanks for the insights. It’s all good. Lights, stopping at stop signs, signalling…having a lane…

  17. burns more power than a conventional flashin light system, so not as environmentally concious.

  18. perfect idea for safety